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"Ow! My discus-throwing arm!"

I absolutely love the art, animation, dialog, and acting. Very excited to see more. The only thing I took a point off for was the semi-long, unskippable intro scene.

Awesome work!

It looked nice . . .

but the dialog was super cheesy, and I had no idea what was going on.


That was amazing! Completely unexpected. I laughed very hard.


That was really boring, and not very funny. The animation was very good, (not Waterlollies good) but still good. I hope the next one is funnier/entertaining.


Amazing flash! Phenomenal art style and animation! It was pretty bad ass, but I have no idea why he felt compelled to jump off the roof.

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Haha! Great flash. When I clicked on the link I thought it was going to be just solid Mac bashing and I was pleasantly surprised! Big kudos to you on this one! It is true, all computers do suck.

Beyond Awesome!

Ah, these are great! I can't think of anything wrong with them. I think the Prince of Awesome was the best. Great work!

Just Finish!

It looked good so far, I hated how it ended so soon. Your animation looks good, and everything seems fine. Just finish it, PLEASE! Nothing annoys me more than an unfinished flash. Put it in the Alpha's section. I hate to rate so low, because this flash is good so far, but I don't think you should put the unfinished work up.

Few Flaws

This is a passable flash. I had a few complaints with it:

Backgrounds! Can we have something to look at other than white?!!! Please?!! It's much more appealing to the eye if there is some color, anything in the background!

Sprites: very jagged, needs smoothing, and yes, I was running it at high quality. No jaggies!

Text: Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! I desire the uniformity of a font, rather than your own messy handwriting!

Besides those problems, the animation was smooth and amusing to watch.

Renock responds:

1: I think it has a style when it's white.
2: Their not sprites...
3: I was trying to make the text more interesting to the viewer...


Ah, one of the best jokes in flash form! God job! I liked your art, and your animation was pretty decent. Your sound was really bad though, I could hear the hiss as you or whoever voiceacted this blew air onto the mic as they spoke. Try speaking more at an angle to your mic, rather than right into it, that way, you don't get the sound from air hitting your mic. The delay between the set-up and the punchline was too long, it would have been better if right after the doctor spoke, about a second later the gunshots had been heard. Other than that, great job!

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