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2010-10-07 21:08:56 by zigilante

So Joel and I are totally shocked (but delighted) by the incredible response to "Ransom!" A number of people have asked about future shorts.

To address that, we are invested primarily in the webcomic version of Pib, and that in itself eats up a lot of time, particularly when mixed with the schedules of two busy students.

We definitely want to make another animation, but:
1. I want to make sure that there is SUBSTANTIAL improvement in the quality of the animation. I honestly can't bear to watch "Ransom!" because I know that thousands of people have seen it, and I have picked out enough embarrassing flaws as it is.
2. We have to make sure that we come up with a good idea. Nothing would be more soul-crushing than investing hours into something no one likes.

Thanks again for all of your incredible feedback and support. I have always loved Newgrounds, but now I love it EVEN MORE! :)