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2010-10-07 21:08:56 by zigilante

So Joel and I are totally shocked (but delighted) by the incredible response to "Ransom!" A number of people have asked about future shorts.

To address that, we are invested primarily in the webcomic version of Pib, and that in itself eats up a lot of time, particularly when mixed with the schedules of two busy students.

We definitely want to make another animation, but:
1. I want to make sure that there is SUBSTANTIAL improvement in the quality of the animation. I honestly can't bear to watch "Ransom!" because I know that thousands of people have seen it, and I have picked out enough embarrassing flaws as it is.
2. We have to make sure that we come up with a good idea. Nothing would be more soul-crushing than investing hours into something no one likes.

Thanks again for all of your incredible feedback and support. I have always loved Newgrounds, but now I love it EVEN MORE! :)



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2010-10-08 03:21:03

yay for the pacific northwest!

zigilante responds:

Washingtonians! Woooooooo!


2010-10-11 00:54:12

Checked out your Ransom! vid and Pib site.

Good work on your first real project.. gotta ask you.. how do you make flash exactly? Like do you draw on the comp or what? lol might as well ask someone..

Oh and yes I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to post all your ideas (as comic strips) on your site, some might steal your ideas.

zigilante responds:

Yes, I draw directly into Flash using a WACOM Cintiq 21UX.

I'm not concerned about posting ideas in comics, as it's no different from posting them as animations. People might steal our ideas whether they are animated or in comic form. It's a risk that must be taken in order to share work with others.

Also, all future animations will have brand new material created for them, no more adaptations of comics like Ransom! was. Ransom! was an experiment.


2010-10-13 00:20:59

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